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Like many people, we here at ShortBox love the excitement and anticipation of getting a package in the post -and when that package contains comics, it's happiness squared. 

Despite there being a variety of 'boxes' and subscriptions available, none featured the comics that would get me interested enough to sign up: the self-published, small press and independent comics that continue to invigorate the medium and keep readers passionately invested. 

What ShortBox is bringing together is a quarterly comics box heavy on the comics (no T-shirts, key-rings, Funko Pops), that allows the customer to see exactly what they are getting for their money.

Intrinsically, ShortBox is an extension of Comics & Cola's sensibilities in bringing together excellent and interesting comics from around the world. It feels like a natural extension to go from spotlighting and recommending that work, to putting it directly into people's hands. Simply put, ShortBox is a carefully curated selection of comics and art goodness from a range of international contemporary cartoonists and artists. 

If you have any questions about ShortBox, please feel free to contact us shortbox.comic[at]gmail[dot]com or you can follow us on twitter @Short_Box to get regular updates on future boxes.